Mokafe Coffee

Our Process

How Our Coffee Beans Grow:

We don’t believe in rushing nature, so our coffee cherries grow on island time.

Mokafe’s 100% Arabica beans are grown in the rich soil of southern Haiti. Born in the mountainous regions of Thiotte and Beaumont, our coffee trees bloom under the CariBbean sun. Over 14,000 Haitian farmers carefully handpick them right when they’re ready at the peak of perfection.

Our beans are cleaned, packed and triaged within co-ops that maintain our rigid quality control standards. After careful inspection, they’re ready to be transferred to our facilities in Port-au-Prince.

Our Kafe Pile Process:

Mokafe coffee beans are separated into small batches and go through a traditional drying process called Kafe Pile. Used for centuries, Kafe Pile is the time-honored tradition of processing coffee where coffee beans are spread out by hand and dried slowly under the same Caribbean sun that grew them. This allows the coffee bean to naturally reach the perfect level of humidity for roasting.

Each bean is closely inspected to ensure alignment with Mokafe’s unique and well balanced acidity, aroma, and flavor formula. Once cleared, the beans are roasted to perfection to create our whole bean Beaumont Tradition flavor or blended with all-natural ingredients before roasting to create our amazing flavor varieties.  

From our farms to your home, we take the time to craft our coffee so that you enjoy every cup. We believe that great things take time and our delicious coffee is proof of that. A Mokafe moment is one to savor.

Transform your coffee break with a cup of the Caribbean. 

Mokafe Coffee is a testament to the beauty and greatness of Haiti and Haitian culture. That’s why Mokafe is owned and operated by Haitians, grown in Haiti by Haitian farmers, and processed and roasted in Haiti. We are committed to the sustainability and development of Haiti at every level.